Enter the Rabbit

Who is Chuck the Rabbit?

Chuck the Rabbit is not an ordinary rabbit. He is against the popular human belief that rabbits are cute, sweet, cuddly and fuzzy. Chuck hears that all the time. Over and over. And Chuck knows it's not true. And Chuck is extremily angry about it.

Chuck's mission is to reivindicate the rabbit's reputation, by any means. Yes, rabbits can be mean. Yes, rabbits can be bad. Yes, rabbits are smarter than dogs and cats. Yes, rabbits are smarter than humans. Rabbits are the most evolved beings.

Chuck holds whatever is human in the highest disregard. He look at humans as savage, barbaric talking beasts.

The first thing Chuck learned was what it was supposed to mean to be a rabbit. You have to be fast, learn how to run, escape, hide, or predators will get you. He learned that because of that attitude, tradition picture rabbits as "shy, weak, but fast and clever". Well, everything has a limit, and Chuck realized he reached it. No more "Mr. Shy" guy. No more run and hide. Chuck was here to set the score straight. Instead of being shy, Chuck says things straight forward. Instead of running, Chuck stands his ground. Instead of hiding from predators, Chuck beats the hell out of them. He doesn't need to be fast, but, still, he is clever.

And, of course, that gives Chuck a sensation of self-confidence and self-assurance. But, of the most, Chuck finds it fun to break that tradition that stereotyped rabbits for centuries. Kiss "cute, fluffy and soft" goodbye. Chuck sets the new standard now. And he decided to destroy other traditions as well. No rabbit will be harrassed by a dog ever. More than one dog got his butt kicked by Chuck. No other stupid chicken will use rabbits to deliver their painted eggs in Easter anymore.

As he moves forward, Chuck discovers other traditions outside the rabbit world, and, of course, he has something to say about them. Yes, he has an oppinion, and no, he doesn't care if you don't like it. Chuck is not a shy rabbit anymore. He will say what he thinks. He will make his point. And everybody is going to listen to it. And by doing that, you will realize rabbits will never be the same.

And you can run, but you can't hide. Chuck is here to stay. He is the bacteria of the universe, and he will continue destroying traditions because he has a natural gift for it. And nothing can stop him. He will destroy them... one at a time.

© Copyright 2005 Carlo Mazzini All Rights Reserved.